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Winning National Championships takes a lot of hard work. Hard work from the last two and a half years yielded two National Championships in 2016, both in Onroad and Offroad. We would like to thank Kyle Layton and Ken Moss again for their dominant drives. We revisited every part of the Actinium about six months after its initial release and started making improvements on materials, overall workmanship, and design. We learned a lot from months and months of testing. Our National winning V1 motors benefitted from many of these running changes. All the updates are now available in one package,..

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The road to this year’s U.S. Offroad Nationals has been quite a long one. Last year, Kyle Layton and Team Powers USA managed to obtain 2nd overall in the spec 17.5 division. This was a bittersweet moment for us as we were just one position from taking the national title. After the race I received my first call from our driver Kyle Layton. Up until this point I had only worked as the Team's Sales Manager. I knew of Kyle from results I had posted on our blog earlier in the year. As Kyle and I began to talk about the 2015 Nationals race I realized a few things. First, I was talking with a highly motivated youngster that was working hard to reach his goals. Second, I was talking to a highly motivated youngster that was frustrated with certain parts of his race program. He knew what he needed and he was conveying to me that we were lacking a bit on our side of the spectrum. Kyle and his Dad Barry had been practicing nonstop at every Northern California track possible. They had taken the advice of so many greats by trying to drive at as many different tracks as possible. Kyle was getting the driving and setup side of things but needed some help in the electronics department. Our motors were originally designed and tuned around On-road applications and much of the feedback Kyle was getting was from the Onroad side of things. We needed to work on the motor package as Kyle would often deal with low motor output and fading issues. We also had a brand new speed control available that had much better reliability and performance gains. Even though Kyle finished second, I feel that made him hungrier to figure out how to make up that last position. I hadn’t been able to race much at that time as I was busy trying to run the ARCOR club in New Mexico so I took interest in Kyle’s race program and decided to help in any way I could. Kyle worked on his race program end of things and I worked on the horsepower side. Team Powers USA owner Eric Vasutin was generous enough to allow me to purchase motor tuning equipment and plenty of motors to play with. After several emails back and forth to the motor designer and factory we started to make some progress. After a few weeks we were able to get Kyle some new motors for Surf City which he won and I felt like we at least made a small step forward for his motor program! He provided us with a lot of feedback which allowed us to again go back and forth with the motor designer and even make some interesting progress with our speed controls. From here Eric decided to fly Kyle out to New Mexico so that him and I could both sit down and talk about motors and run the Tumbleweed Classic to see what additional improvements were out there. Kyle was also able to win the Tumbleweed race as well. I have to say at this point there were some other sponsors that stepped into scene and took interest in the talent Kyle was displaying on track. I really have to give a shout out to JConcepts and Team Associated for becoming a bit more involved. After the Tumbleweed we went back to the drawing board. A few more programming updates were available for the speed control and before we knew it the Outback Shootout was right around the corner. I would fly out to this race to help support Team Powers and Kyle. He again took the win and it was here for the first time that witnessed an ugly side of RC.  I never had to deal with this so much coming up as a Nitro racer but in today’s electric spec classes’, allegations of cheating are pretty serious. To my surprise this had happened quite often to Kyle. He had progressed so fast that he was always being accused of cheating. For those that don’t know this was the story behind Kyle’s tire sauce naming convention (Cheater Sauce). During that race I had to look an old friend (Race Director) in the eyes and express to him that we were in fact not cheating. The whole thing really put a damper on our qualifying sessions. This is not an image you want when you are trying to run an RC business. With that said I knew we were making progress in the horsepower department and Kyle used every bit extra we could give him. During this race he turned the second fastest time of the weekend out of all the buggies at the track (Including Mod)! I think it was at the Outback Shootout that I finally realized exactly how good Kyle was. I grew up watching Matt Francis, Joel Johnson, Atushi Hara, and I felt as though I was watching an up and coming champion. During one of Kyle quails I watched him run the same lines on the track from start to finish and his car’s attitude over the triple looked as if he had done it 1000 times before. They say to become great at something it takes ten thousand hours. I believe this kid has put in his time. Kyle took a short break during the first quarter of the year where I think he digested everything that happened the year before. You get to a point where you are pretty good and you pick up some sponsors. You’ve won some races and were successful. For some that is all they need, the fire burns out. They go on to do or try some other things. For others it is simply not enough. They then stare down the next highest mountain. I think in this 2016 year, Kyle decided to take his race program to the next level with the goal of graduating into the professional class and to earn that respect. I know he was frustrated with his first big modified showing at Reedy and I know it’s driven him to start to develop that skill set further. I think when you drive RC, you can obtain the skill of becoming better by being humbled. There is always more to get out of your race program. When you get beat it can show you where you are lacking if you are receptive to it. With that said he qualified 6th at the JC Indoor Nats in a field full of B6s with his outdated B5M. He has that ability.

            Going into Nationals weekend I knew we had about the best package we could have had. We had done a years’ worth of work on our electronics. Our motor materials and numbers had improved. We had perfected a setup with the speed control and motor that was good for both Buggy and SCT. We had a wheel for a driver and I was so pumped up to watch the races on liverc! The seeding rounds would prove to be a bit difficult. Kyle struggled for grip and needed to work closely with AE to improve the setup on the new B6 platform. I knew from watching on liverc that the car wasn’t exactly right yet. After day one we sat 10th overall. I received a call from Kyle’s Dad Thursday night in which he expressed the level of motor competition at the race. He explained to me that almost every motor manufacturer had a motor tuner at the race and motors were being torn out of the cars after ever run before seeding started. Kyle’s motor tuner was out of vacation time and wasn’t able to attendL. I reminded Kyle’s Dad that we had done our homework well in advance of the race and to trust the setup we had created together and that Kyle didn’t need me to be in attendance. A bunch of chassis setup changes were made overnight with the help of AE and we looked to Friday as a brand new day. Kyle managed to win 5 out of 8 qualifiers I believe, leaving him TQ in both classes! It was then that we were again bitten by some bad luck. I’m not sure how this kind of thing comes about but at some point ROAR officials decided (Who knows why) they would tear down both of Kyle’s cars. Every Team Powers component was meticulously disassembled and analyzed using ROAR’s RMT instruments. Kyle would be the only one in attendance that would go through this kind of scrutiny. During the tear down of his SCT the ESC was shorted out while the motor was connected. Kyle would be plagued the next day in SCT as the motor never seemed to run at full potential again. Despite the normal cheating allegations ROAR determined that all Kyle’s equipment was legal. Hopefully now everyone will just accept that fact that the Team Powers equipment and Kyle are extremely fast, period. Kyle would go on to dominate the 2wd class winning A1 and A2 by a mile! During each of the races Kyle’s car looked as if it was just gliding around the track effortlessly, and most definitely in a league of his own. He battled it out in SCT with his hurt motor and managed to finish 3rd overall respectively. We changed motor/speedo settings every round for SCT and finally concluded during testing last week that we hurt the sensor board during the speedo short. I’m very happy to have had the privilege of working alongside Kyle during the last year and am ecstatic that Layton was able to bring home Team Powers USA’s first National Championship!  A lot of people ask me about sponsorship now that I’m the Team Manager of Team Powers USA. What does it take to become a sponsored driver? I really feel like Kyle is a good role model for any up and coming drivers. He has earned his spot on multiple teams with the hard work that he has put into the sport, he has progressed on and off the track in both his driving and setup. Most importantly he has shared his setup knowledge and helped others every single time he showed up at the track. I believe he is even running local events in Sacramento, CA. Hats off to you brother, good luck next year in modified, I know you will do well! I want to thank Kyle Layton, Eric Vasutin, Larry Chiu, Barry Layton, Andy Tse, JConcepts, Associated and the many others that helped along Kyle's journey to become the 2016 2wd Spec Buggy National Champion!


Kyle used Team Powers Radon V2 140A ESC, Actinuim 17.5 motor, 5200mah Lipo, and the Shorty Primus digital servo.   


Lots of success at this past weekend's Jconcepts Indoor Nationals. The new updated actinium was taking names and making mains! We nabbed three podiums one which was an overall win for 17.5 Buggy. Big ups to Kyle Layton and Rob Moots for their podiums. Congrats to all our customers and drivers for their Amain finishes. This was the last race at the highly competitive Outback Raceway. Wish I could have been there to see everyone doing so well. Sorry for anyone I missed!

Amain finishers:
Jordan Constant - 7th Rookie Amain
Rob Moots - 2nd 17.5 Truck; 4th in expert 17.5 buggy
Cooper Hurt - 9th 17.5 Truck 6th; Intermediate Buggy
Jeff Edwards - 2nd Intermediate Buggy; 6th 17.5 SCT
Dujuan Moore took - 6th 4wd Buggy, 6th pro stock 17.5 and 8th 13.5 4wd buggy
Clint Riley - 7th 40+ Buggy
Todd Pearson - 10th 40+ Mod Buggy
Kyle Layton 1st 17.5 Buggy, 2nd SCT Mod, 2wd Mod 9th

Radon V2 Setups

by Jimmy Deprez 0

Radon V2 Setup Sheet: RadonProV2_EditableSetupSheet.pdf

I just posted a Radon editable setup sheet to the Radon speed control product section. Another copy is linked above. 

Modified Speedo Setup

by Jimmy Deprez 0

I haven't posted anything in a few months due to taking some engineering classes. Apart from the blog we have made progress on a couple different fronts. One of which is our Team. Drivers have been selected and results from Regional and Club racing events have been very positive. We are excited about seeing our team at some bigger events coming up this summer. With school out I'm going to make it a goal to post at least three times a week on what Team Powers are working on. I also plan on making more posts with what the Team has been accomplishing. A couple weeks back I attended the Mile High Indoor champs for my first taste of some 12th scale racing. I took along a good friend of mine Xray and Trinity driver Max Kuenning whom I convinced to help test our new 1S speedos for the weekend. Max is a top onroad National Champion in 12th scale and could provide us with some very good feedback. My job for the weekend was to help get his speedo game in the right direction and help with other odds and ends. Long story short we finished fourth in all the classes entered (13.5 and Mod 12th and Mod Touring) and just missed out on the podium. Not to bad for 1S speedo at its first big race in the US. From that race I'd like to present our final setup for Max's Modified Sedan.

Mode Modified
Deadband 10%
Punch Rate A - 2
Punch Rate B - 2
Switch Point (A to B) 50%
Throttle Curve Linear
Brake Initial 1%
Drag Brake 2%
Brake Force 2%
Brake Rate A - 10
Brake Rate B - 10
Switch Point (A to B) 50%
Brake Curve Linear
Boost 4 Deg
Boost Trigger Level 3
Boost Trigger Rate 2
Turbo Timing 14 Deg
Start RPM 20000
Turbo Delay .1s
Activation Method Full Throttle
Turbo Rate 2
Turbo Off Rate Instant

The 21st Annual Halloween Classic was hosted at its home track “The Gate” in Cleveland, Ohio. This race has gone back many years as the warm-up to the Cleveland Indoor Champs and has grown its own prestige over time. The event format opened with practice on Friday, three qualifiers on Saturday, one qualifier on Sunday followed by the finals. The classic sold out at 220 entries in 90 minutes when the online sign-ups opened. The race was considered the first race of carpet season for the US so it is fair to say that there was some big anticipation for everyone to get back to carpet racing.

I had the privilege and pleasure to work with two very skilled drivers from the Denver Colorado area before this race. I always learn a lot and appreciate the feedback provided by both Kyle and his father Brent Klingforth. I wanted to make sure that both these drivers were happy with their Actinium motors prior to the event. We met up at 5280 the weekend before to hash out motor gearing/timing setups. 5280 is a blast for practice and I always have a really good time with all the local guys that hang out there during the weekend.


Even though our Team Powers tires were not the control tire of the Halloween classic we used the new 30C tire for all of our testing. This tire allows us to run between 800-1000 laps without dropping off in lap times. This makes the 30C an ideal choice for a good controlled test session. Each car was equipped with only one set of tires and we did not have to worry about the tires dropping off throughout the course of the three day test session. When we needed breaks we refueled at "Taste of Philly" which has the best Philly cheese steak sandwiches I've ever had. 

Now to the exciting stuff. In the stock classes Sam Isaac's brilliant drive left him sitting P1 for 13.5 and 17.5 after day one. Kyle Klingforth would wrap up Saturdays quali's with P3 and P5 quali spot respectively. Kyle's Dad Brent Klingforth would hold down P4 in 13.5 class. Both drivers had to adjust on setup multiple times as their cars were a bit edgy for the higher traction conditions. After some adjustments Saturday night Kyle came out swinging by almost capturing the 17.5 TQ spot but tapped twice slowing his pace just enough to leave Sam Isaacs as TQ. Kyle would settle for P2. In 13.5 Touring class Kyle would put down a nearly flawless run in Q4 to take TQ from Sam earning him P1 in the A main. Brent Klingforth would keep his P4 from Saturday and give him a good position for the start of the main.

The link below shows a great race performance by Kyle taking the win in the 17.5 Main. Kyle would go on to finish 1st in the 13.5 main sweeping both touring spec classes! Brent was unlucky at the start of the 13.5 main and would spend his race fighting back a few positions finishing 8th overall. Kyle and Brent were very happy with the power from our Actinium motors all weekend. We are very proud of both Kyle and Brent on their efforts and are looking forward to their results at the Stock Wars later in the month!


17.5 A-Main

Actinium Power!

Just want to congratulate Mr Steve Tsuruda on some great racing this late summer and early fall in the norcal area. Steve took three different podiums at three different events with his Actinium powered 21.5 USGT vehical. The first was at Norcal Hobbies Top Gun race taking the third podium position. See if you can guess who snuck into racing this class taking the number one spot. Steve then wrapped up two different the summer series' in the region, taking the overall wins at both Norcal's summer series and the Ground pounders club annual championship series. Steve's final win took place in late September at Ripon raceway's Big Buck Shootout. Steve qualified first and won first taking home the big bucks! Thanks Steve for all your hard work and we are glad that you chose Actinium power for your USGT.
Norcal Hobbies Summer Series!

Ripon RC Raceway Big Buck Shootout

Night Racing!
More Summer Series Podium Picture. Also congrats to Art Davenport (Team Powers) taking Third.
Steve Taking 3rd at Norcal's Top Gun race. The man taking first is "Offroad driver" Kyle Layton.

Just a few short weeks after flirting with a National title, Kyle Layton headed back to Chico to hash out a few more steps forward in his race program. We had a little bit of time to work with Kyle on the feedback he gave us from Nationals. After a few test sessions Kyle found what he was looking for and had good confidence going into the event. The sold out venue brought a lot of competition similar to nationals just a few weeks prior. Once Kyle hit the track for practice I think he knew that he had something special for the weekend. The track was loose on day one but bite came up naturally throughout practice. Kyle started off early with some good results taking a second in round one of qualifying followed by a series of wins; taking the next three and wrapping up TQ for the weekend! Round four was especially impressive as Kyle threw down the fastest lap by a half second. His string of wins continued as he pulled a decent gap on lap one of the main never looking back leading pole to finish and winning by about 14 seconds! 



Kyle also competed in the modified SCT where he debuted his new Actinium powered 7.5 Associated RC10SC5M. He would take the final podium position for the class finishing right behind the likes of Cavalieri and Numedahl. Team Powers would like to thank Kyle for all of his hard work and invaluable feedback throughout the past couple weeks and congratulate him on a rather dominating performance. 



Team Powers Equipment 2wd Buggy:
4800 85C - Shorty Battery Pack
17.5 Actinium Motor
Radon Pro V2 Speed Control (New Product!)
Team Powers Hi Flow Aluminum Fan

2wd Buggy Blinky suggested setting
Firmware: 2.1
Dead band: 10%
Motor: 17.5 actinium +3.5timing
Gearing: 69/34

G5: Race Mode Stock
TH1: Punch Rate A 30
TH2: Punch Rate B 30
TH3: TH SW Point 50%
TH4: TH Slope Custom
T1: Boost Timing 0
T5: Turbo Timing 0

B1: Initial Brake 5%
B2: Drag Brake 10%
B3: Brake Force 62.5
B4: Brake Rate A 20
B5: Brake Rate B 20
B6: switch Point 50%
B7: Brake Curve Linear





Big congrats to Kyle Layton! See his race report below. Kyle set out to race at this years Off-Road Nationals in Arizona! Kyle took home a 2nd place in 2wd Spec Buggy using his Actinium powered B5M and just missed out on a podium finish in SCT where he qualified 2nd and held TQ of round 3. I'm very excited to see Kyles results for the second half of 2015 as his first half has been excellent.

Kyle's Report:
Back from ROAR Nats. Had an awesome time all week. Very happy with everything that happened. Track was awesome all weekend thanks to the SRS track crew Lucas Michael Duncan and Cj Jensen. Most work put in by a track crew I have ever seen.
Racing was super close all week with stock and mod classes both having drivers tenths of a second apart. I was able to qualify 2nd in both Stock Buggy and Stock SCT. Triple A Mains got interesting in SCT and ended up finishing 4th. Buggy was awesome as I finished second in the first 2 mains and finished 4th the 3rd main which got me the second spot on the podium. So happy with my results.
I wanna thank Eric Vasutin, Art Davenport, and Jimmy Deprez at Team Powers for the fast motors and help and advice all week. Couldn't have done it without you guys.
Also a shout out to John Piant and Jason Ruona at JConcepts for all their help.
Thanks to all of my friends for the support all week, it is much appreciated. See everyone at the next one!

Team Powers own Kyle Layton throwing down at the Outback Fall Brawl with Actinium Power! Good Job Kyle!


Kyles race summary:


With Fall Brawl 2014 over, it feels good to look back at the weekend and remember the fun times! Thanks to everyone for the awesome racing and all the laughs. Looking forward to next year's Fall Brawl!! Racing was tough as the competition flooded the building. I had a lot of tough luck but ended up getting past some of it later in qualifying and the mains. Ended up TQ in stock SCT but had some bad luck which put me 4th overall. Mod SCT treated me fair all weekend after qualifying 3rd place and finishing 2nd. But Pro Stock Buggy was the most fun I have had racing in a while. After breaking a rear arm in the 2nd corner of the first qualifier I thought it was all over, but going into the 2nd heat I put my head down and drove my own race end finished 3rd. the 3rd and 4th heat races were even better and ended up setting TQ for the weekend. Buggy was on point with Team Powers giving it the power it needed and my Jconcepts tires keeping it stuck to the dirt! Triple A Mains had me wondering what the outcome would be, but I ran a flawless A1 and when A2 came along I knew I only had to do it one more time. And I did, barely... It was almost a miracle. So I ended up winning Pro Stock Buggy. I want to throw a special thanks out to Team Powers USA for the fast stuff and keeping my buggy going fast. Also a shout out to, BMiller Racing, and Jconcepts. Thanks everyone for the help!

Video provided by LiveRC!





Timezone II GP Results!

by Jimmy Deprez 0

This news is a few weeks old, I haven't been able to get back to the blog due to being busy. I hooked up a good friend of mine with an Xbooster during the summer. Looks like he found a good use for it. VBC/Trinity driver Max Kuenning takes the win in 12th stock at the Timezone II GP. I asked Max what he liked about the booster and this is the information he gave me, "The Booster helped me fade less late in the run to reset tq all 4 rounds." Thanks Max for giving the Team Powers X-Booster a try. As you can see from the pictures below Max is running the booster just behind the speed control. 


The banner says it all. Awesome run Craig! Two weekends ago Team Powers headed out to one of the largest On-road races in the states, The International Indoor Championships; hosted by none other than race organizer Scotty Ernst.  Over the last few months we have been working hard here at Team Powers to develop and ensure proper workmanship and performance out of our recently released Actinium and Xbooster products. I have to admit over the summer of hard work we lost a bit of focus on the upcoming larger On-road events. We have known for a while our motors have been solid on carpet and pavement, so the focus was to ensure we had proper setups for our Off-road team. A few weeks before Vegas I realized that we hadn't promoted this race enough internally to our team. We had a few drivers going but this wasn't something we had completely thought out. It's Vegas though right? Let’s just jump on the plane go promote and support our products and see how it goes. Not sure what to expect, Eric V. arrived at the Riviera and made his way through the IIC pits. I wish I had been there to experience the feeling of being able to see the fruits of our labor come alive. Instead I would have to settle for the torture of watching second hand through liverc (Which I'm truly grateful for). Word had spread pretty well since the release of the Actinium. As Eric V made his way through the pits and got to really looking around he noticed that racers cars were littered with Actiniums and xboosters. We have to give a big hats off to our wonderful dealers for promoting these gems and getting them into the hands of some very fast racers. Word had spread so much that Actiniums had even leaked into the hands of our competition's team drivers. Team Powers did much better at this race than we can even advertise. All we can say is that 50% of the 17.5 and 13.5 12th scale and Touring A-main classes used Actinium power. Craig’s win with special motor setup help from Eric Anderson was an awesome moment for Team Powers. We have finally taken a win at this prestigious event. Anderson had recently discovered our motors and is now a dealer for us (EA motorsports)! He made the decision like many others well before the IIC that this was the motor to bring. Team Powers would like to thank Craig Xaiver and Eric Anderson for their efforts!

Xaiver pits!
Team Powers Driver Results:
World GT: 
EJ Evans 9th

Stock Touring A-Main:
Eric Anderson 2nd
Xaiver Craig 3rd
Michael Hanulec 8th (Dealer)

12th Scale Stock:
Craig Xaiver 1st
Danny Jenkins 8th
Touring Modified A-Main:
P1 for Team Powers Actinium!


Team Powers recently headed to the Top Gun Challenge at Norcal Hobbies in sunny northern California. Results were good! This race takes place over a weekend. Norcal Hobbies run all Off-road classes on Saturday and On-road class on Sunday. One of the great rewards for winning this race are the jet pilot helmets seen in the pictures below! 

17.5 Sedan - 1st - James Davenport
2wd Buggy 17.5 - 1st - Fabulous Fabian Fernandez
2wd Buggy 17.5 Sportsman - 1st - Antonio Counsil
4wd Buggy - 1st - Sean Buttler


Good job guys!

New in this week at the Team Powers USA factory:
The all new Xbooster Capacitor
*Dimension: 24x21x12mm
* Max operating voltage: 8.4V(2cells)
* Weight: ~16g
Technical Information:
The Xbooster (capacitor) is run in parallel with your battery. The battery charges the booster which then becomes an available current source instantaneously when you apply heavy loads from your motor. This decreases the work your batteries do instantaneously and will help in acceleration and run time directly. When using the booster with the Radon Speed controller series, it is recommened that the Xbooster replace the original external triple capacitor bank. However in modified it is beneficial to use both in parallel.  

The video below shows the Xbooster discharging for a number of seconds after a battery is disconnected from the circuit. The point of the video is to show the Xbooster can be charged and is available to support current loads from the motor. 

Example Setups for some popular vehicles:
Associated B5:
Awesomatix Electric Sedan:

Team Powers is a proud sponsor of the 2014 Reedy Race.
We would like to wish all our team drivers and all other participants good luck at this years Reedy Race! Practice starts this week. The new Actinium motors will be in attendance.

Invite Drivers:
EJ Evans
Ethan Erchinger

Open Modified:
Brandon Clements
Leo Zhao

13.5 Spec:
Austin Brumblay
James Davenport
Tim Copp
George Lin
John Gonzales

Congrats to Alec Sanderson for a great performance at the Region 10 offroad championship.
New Actinium motors showing some real promise just weeks after release! 
Alec's race report:
I spent the weekend at Rocky Mountain RC Raceway for the 2014 ROAR Region 10 Championships. In 2wd 17.5 Short Course my weekend was almost perfect. I missed round 1 due to a broken control arm. In round 2 I was able to take TQ. Round 3 resulted in a hard fought second. After some some small changes my truck became more consistent and during round four I hit 22 laps the fastest of any SC truck of the day! With that I was able to seal up TQ. In the main I ran into some trouble at the start but was able to make up lost positions and cruise to a healthy lead. The Team Powers Actinium motor provided a lot of top end which really helped me pull a tenth or two on the straights. The motor was equipped with a 12.5 rotor which allowed me to consistently clear all my jumps with confidence. In the end I found my first region 10 17.5 2wd Short Course Championship! I'd like to thank X Factory R/C for building amazing chassis'. Team Powers USA for my super fast motors, ESCs, and batteries. Boca Bearing Company for keeping my cars rolling smooth, and Upgrade RC for making my vehicles look as fast as they were! Awesome weekend! Thanks Rocky Mountain RC Raceway for hosting an awesome race, and running a super tight program.
Thanks @Shakedown Photography for some of the photos.

Huntington Beach, LA California - OCRC Stock Nationals presented by J Concepts - Team Powers Debuts the new Actunium 17.5 Spec Motor.

This past weekend brought confirmation that the new Actinium motors are extremely fast. Months of testing and hardwork have paid off with some great results! Father/son Team Powers drivers Nathan and Eddie Bernal finished a sweet second and third behind World Champion Steven Hartson in the hotly contested Expert Buggy Class. Team driver Rob Moots clean up the truck class with a top podium position! We would like to thank our talented drivers for the hard work they have put in!

Get The Right Tires!

by Brett Sisley 0

Have you ever heard something to the effect of: "tires are the single most important piece of set up" ?  In my experience, this has proved to be true; its nearly impossible to set up a car on crumby tires--and whatever you do come up with changes completely once you bolt on a fresh set.  With this in mind, having fresh(ish) tires on your ride is essential not only for winning races, but for developing your game.  If you're anything like me, you don't mind parting with dollars to go fast--but at the same time, you want to get the most for your money. 

What's all this leading up to?  The Powers line of TC tires provide excellent performance and long life for an fair price.  There are other high-performance tires out there, but I personally can't think of one of them that outlasts Powers.  Money isn't everything, after all, you have to pay to play.  But having a set of tires that performs consistently for longer makes more than dollars and cents; it's common sense.  Racing used to be about being the first to find that ideal set up.  But, given many years of race-bred evolution, today's high-spec cars all perform.  More than ever before, drivers are winning races.  Favorably addressing the primary "tire component" with a fast, consistent, and durable tire allows drivers to focus on job one: racing.  And in the end, isn't this what we all show up for? 

Brett Sisley FD, Team Powers

Plutonium Power

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