Have you ever heard something to the effect of: "Tires are the single most important piece of set up."?  In my experience, this has proved to be true; its nearly impossible to set up a car on crumby tires--and whatever you do come up with changes completely once you bolt on a fresh set.  With this in mind, having fresh(ish) tires on your ride is essential not only for winning races, but for developing your game.  If you're anything like me, you don't mind parting with dollars to go fast--but at the same time, you want to get the most for your money. 

What's all this leading up to?  The Powers line of TC tires provide excellent performance and long life for an fair price.  There are other high-performance tires out there, but I personally can't think of one of them that outlasts Powers.  Money isn't everything, after all, you have to pay to play.  But having a set of tires that performs consistently for longer makes more than dollars and cents; it's common sense.  Racing used to be about being the first to find that ideal set up.  But, given many years of race-bred evolution, today's high-spec cars all perform.  More than ever before, drivers are winning races.  Favorably addressing the primary "tire component" with a fast, consistent, and durable tire allows drivers to focus on job one: racing.  And in the end, isn't this what we all show up for? 

Brett Sisley FD, Team Powers