Congrats to Alec Sanderson for a great performance at the Region 10 offroad championship.
New Actinium motors showing some real promise just weeks after release! 

Alec's race report:

I spent the weekend at Rocky Mountain RC Raceway for the 2014 ROAR Region 10 Championships. In 2wd 17.5 Short Course my weekend was almost perfect. I missed round 1 due to a broken control arm. In round 2 I was able to take TQ. Round 3 resulted in a hard fought second. After some some small changes my truck became more consistent and during round four I hit 22 laps the fastest of any SC truck of the day! With that I was able to seal up TQ. In the main I ran into some trouble at the start but was able to make up lost positions and cruise to a healthy lead. The Team Powers Actinium motor provided a lot of top end which really helped me pull a tenth or two on the straights. The motor was equipped with a 12.5 rotor which allowed me to consistently clear all my jumps with confidence. In the end I found my first region 10 17.5 2wd Short Course Championship! I'd like to thank X Factory R/C for building amazing chassis'. Team Powers USA for my super fast motors, ESCs, and batteries. Boca Bearing Company for keeping my cars rolling smooth, and Upgrade RC for making my vehicles look as fast as they were! Awesome weekend! Thanks Rocky Mountain RC Raceway for hosting an awesome race, and running a super tight program.
Thanks @Shakedown Photography for some of the photos.