New in this week at the Team Powers USA factory:
The all new Xbooster Capacitor

*Dimension: 24x21x12mm
* Max operating voltage: 8.4V(2cells)
* Weight: ~16g
Technical Information:
The Xbooster (capacitor) is run in parallel with your battery. The battery charges the booster which then becomes an available current source instantaneously when you apply heavy loads from your motor. This decreases the work your batteries do instantaneously and will help in acceleration and run time directly. When using the booster with the Radon Speed controller series, it is recommened that the Xbooster replace the original external triple capacitor bank. However in modified it is beneficial to use both in parallel.  

The video below shows the Xbooster discharging for a number of seconds after a battery is disconnected from the circuit. The point of the video is to show the Xbooster can be charged and is available to support current loads from the motor. 

Example Setups for some popular vehicles:
Associated B5:

Awesomatix Electric Sedan: