The banner says it all. Awesome run Craig! Two weekends ago Team Powers headed out to one of the largest On-road races in the states, The International Indoor Championships; hosted by none other than race organizer Scotty Ernst.  Over the last few months we have been working hard here at Team Powers to develop and ensure proper workmanship and performance out of our recently released Actinium and Xbooster products. I have to admit over the summer of hard work we lost a bit of focus on the upcoming larger On-road events. We have known for a while our motors have been solid on carpet and pavement, so the focus was to ensure we had proper setups for our Off-road team. A few weeks before Vegas I realized that we hadn't promoted this race enough internally to our team. We had a few drivers going but this wasn't something we had completely thought out. It's Vegas though right? Let’s just jump on the plane go promote and support our products and see how it goes. Not sure what to expect, Eric V. arrived at the Riviera and made his way through the IIC pits. I wish I had been there to experience the feeling of being able to see the fruits of our labor come alive. Instead I would have to settle for the torture of watching second hand through liverc (Which I'm truly grateful for). Word had spread pretty well since the release of the Actinium. As Eric V made his way through the pits and got to really looking around he noticed that racers cars were littered with Actiniums and xboosters. We have to give a big hats off to our wonderful dealers for promoting these gems and getting them into the hands of some very fast racers. Word had spread so much that Actiniums had even leaked into the hands of our competition's team drivers. Team Powers did much better at this race than we can even advertise. All we can say is that 50% of the 17.5 and 13.5 12th scale and Touring A-main classes used Actinium power. Craig’s win with special motor setup help from Eric Anderson was an awesome moment for Team Powers. We have finally taken a win at this prestigious event. Anderson had recently discovered our motors and is now a dealer for us (EA motorsports)! He made the decision like many others well before the IIC that this was the motor to bring. Team Powers would like to thank Craig Xaiver and Eric Anderson for their efforts!

Xaiver pits!

Team Powers Driver Results:

World GT: 
EJ Evans 9th

Stock Touring A-Main:

Eric Anderson 2nd
Xaiver Craig 3rd
Michael Hanulec 8th (Dealer)

12th Scale Stock:

Craig Xaiver 1st
Danny Jenkins 8th

Touring Modified A-Main:

Kody Knudtson 7th (Dealer)

P1 for Team Powers Actinium!