Just a few short weeks after flirting with a National title, Kyle Layton headed back to Chico to hash out a few more steps forward in his race program. We had a little bit of time to work with Kyle on the feedback he gave us from Nationals. After a few test sessions Kyle found what he was looking for and had good confidence going into the event. The sold out venue brought a lot of competition similar to nationals just a few weeks prior. Once Kyle hit the track for practice I think he knew that he had something special for the weekend. The track was loose on day one but bite came up naturally throughout practice. Kyle started off early with some good results taking a second in round one of qualifying followed by a series of wins; taking the next three and wrapping up TQ for the weekend! Round four was especially impressive as Kyle threw down the fastest lap by a half second. His string of wins continued as he pulled a decent gap on lap one of the main never looking back leading pole to finish and winning by about 14 seconds! 



Kyle also competed in the modified SCT where he debuted his new Actinium powered 7.5 Associated RC10SC5M. He would take the final podium position for the class finishing right behind the likes of Cavalieri and Numedahl. Team Powers would like to thank Kyle for all of his hard work and invaluable feedback throughout the past couple weeks and congratulate him on a rather dominating performance. 



Team Powers Equipment 2wd Buggy:
4800 85C - Shorty Battery Pack
17.5 Actinium Motor
Radon Pro V2 Speed Control (New Product!)
Team Powers Hi Flow Aluminum Fan

2wd Buggy Blinky suggested setting
Firmware: 2.1
Dead band: 10%
Motor: 17.5 actinium +3.5timing
Gearing: 69/34

G5: Race Mode Stock
TH1: Punch Rate A 30
TH2: Punch Rate B 30
TH3: TH SW Point 50%
TH4: TH Slope Custom
T1: Boost Timing 0
T5: Turbo Timing 0

B1: Initial Brake 5%
B2: Drag Brake 10%
B3: Brake Force 62.5
B4: Brake Rate A 20
B5: Brake Rate B 20
B6: switch Point 50%
B7: Brake Curve Linear