Just want to congratulate Mr Steve Tsuruda on some great racing this late summer and early fall in the norcal area. Steve took three different podiums at three different events with his Actinium powered 21.5 USGT vehical. The first was at Norcal Hobbies Top Gun race taking the third podium position. See if you can guess who snuck into racing this class taking the number one spot. Steve then wrapped up two different the summer series' in the region, taking the overall wins at both Norcal's summer series and the Ground pounders club annual championship series. Steve's final win took place in late September at Ripon raceway's Big Buck Shootout. Steve qualified first and won first taking home the big bucks! Thanks Steve for all your hard work and we are glad that you chose Actinium power for your USGT.
Norcal Hobbies Summer Series!

Ripon RC Raceway Big Buck Shootout

Night Racing!
More Summer Series Podium Picture. Also congrats to Art Davenport (Team Powers) taking Third.
Steve Taking 3rd at Norcal's Top Gun race. The man taking first is "Offroad driver" Kyle Layton.