The 21st Annual Halloween Classic was hosted at its home track “The Gate” in Cleveland, Ohio. This race has gone back many years as the warm-up to the Cleveland Indoor Champs and has grown its own prestige over time. The event format opened with practice on Friday, three qualifiers on Saturday, one qualifier on Sunday followed by the finals. The classic sold out at 220 entries in 90 minutes when the online sign-ups opened. The race was considered the first race of carpet season for the US so it is fair to say that there was some big anticipation for everyone to get back to carpet racing.

I had the privilege and pleasure to work with two very skilled drivers from the Denver Colorado area before this race. I always learn a lot and appreciate the feedback provided by both Kyle and his father Brent Klingforth. I wanted to make sure that both these drivers were happy with their Actinium motors prior to the event. We met up at 5280 the weekend before to hash out motor gearing/timing setups. 5280 is a blast for practice and I always have a really good time with all the local guys that hang out there during the weekend.


Even though our Team Powers tires were not the control tire of the Halloween classic we used the new 30C tire for all of our testing. This tire allows us to run between 800-1000 laps without dropping off in lap times. This makes the 30C an ideal choice for a good controlled test session. Each car was equipped with only one set of tires and we did not have to worry about the tires dropping off throughout the course of the three day test session. When we needed breaks we refueled at "Taste of Philly" which has the best Philly cheese steak sandwiches I've ever had. 

Now to the exciting stuff. In the stock classes Sam Isaac's brilliant drive left him sitting P1 for 13.5 and 17.5 after day one. Kyle Klingforth would wrap up Saturdays quali's with P3 and P5 quali spot respectively. Kyle's Dad Brent Klingforth would hold down P4 in 13.5 class. Both drivers had to adjust on setup multiple times as their cars were a bit edgy for the higher traction conditions. After some adjustments Saturday night Kyle came out swinging by almost capturing the 17.5 TQ spot but tapped twice slowing his pace just enough to leave Sam Isaacs as TQ. Kyle would settle for P2. In 13.5 Touring class Kyle would put down a nearly flawless run in Q4 to take TQ from Sam earning him P1 in the A main. Brent Klingforth would keep his P4 from Saturday and give him a good position for the start of the main.

The link below shows a great race performance by Kyle taking the win in the 17.5 Main. Kyle would go on to finish 1st in the 13.5 main sweeping both touring spec classes! Brent was unlucky at the start of the 13.5 main and would spend his race fighting back a few positions finishing 8th overall. Kyle and Brent were very happy with the power from our Actinium motors all weekend. We are very proud of both Kyle and Brent on their efforts and are looking forward to their results at the Stock Wars later in the month!


17.5 A-Main

Actinium Power!