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Radon Sport V2

$ 125.99

Item no.:  TP-Radon/SportV2-c

Roar Legal Controller Firmware: RS-Code-V2_1.xup

Speed Control Setup Softwate: TP_Radon USB link

Radon V2 Product Datasheet: Radon_Series_V2_0_Manual-06082015_eng.pdf

Radon V2 Settings Description: RadonV2ModeDescription-06082015-English.pdf

New Design Improvements:

Sport V2 Software Package:

* Supports Modified/Stock race with one easy program

* Brake force, brake response and linearity have been improved

* Simplified booster and turbo function usage 

* Acceleration resolution improved creating an incredibly smooth feeling

* Improved programming package for additional punch and top end speed

* Prolonged reliability testing of the new software package in many different classes and load situations

* Extra safety code implemented for additional protection to avoid damaging the speed control in high timing or improperly geared vehicles.

* The new code has significantly reduced internal temperatures increasing efficiency and delivery of consistent power to the motor throughout the run.  

Sport V2 Hardware:

* All new hardware focusing on better all-around performance and reliability due to shock and vibration

* Aluminum casing redesigned to improve thermal resistance properties

* Fitted with a new high CFM output durable 30mm fan (Off-road race proven)

* Separate input plug for programming card or USB computer program adapter

* Embedded On and Off Switch

* Reverse polarity protection circuit. (1-2 seconds)


* Controls: Forward/Brake/Reverse

* Input Voltage: 2S-3S LiPo

* BEC: 6V/3A

* Motor Limit: 7T or over

* Max current: ~95A per phase

* Size: ~40.5x30x19mm

* Weight: ~48g


* Throttle and Brake Curve Programming

* Programmable Turbo and Boost functions

* Punch Adjustment

* Compatible with Sensored/Sensorless Brushless Motors

* Data Analysis (RPM, Low voltage and ESC temperature)

* USB PC Interface adapter for advanced programming and updating included

* Mini Programming card available and sold separately

* Bulit-in Low voltage cut-off, Overheat protection and signal loss protection

* Built-in one touch On/Off switch with LED


* ROAR Legal 

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