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Winning National Championships takes a lot of hard work. Hard work from the last two and a half years yielded two National Championships in 2016, both in Onroad and Offroad. We revisited every part of the Actinium about six months after its initial release and started making improvements on materials, overall workmanship, and design. Our National winning V1 motor benefitted from many of these running changes and months of testing new parts. All the updates are now available in one package, we proudly present the Actinium V2.   

- ROAR Approval 

- Standard 540 bolt pattern

- Motor Dimensions (Diameter x Length)  35.8mm x 51mm  

- Improved Neodymium Sintered Rotor Grade Material and Manufacturing Process. 
Dimensions (Diameter x Length): 12.5mm
Shaft Diameter: 1/8 inch 3.17mm
New magnet grade offers improved operation under heat loading

- Variable End Bell Timing 
New timing system reflects internal timing

- Stator Improvements
High purity copper winding wire for high-temperature operation. 
Improvements to wire winding process
Improvement of 8-10% lower resistance average per stator
- Weight: ~162g
Information about weight: Much of the motors magnetic strength is developed from the quality and     quantity of iron under current loading. The iron is extremely important for the magnetic circuit. The Iron has the biggest impact on motor weight and has the greatest density of the metallic components that make up the motor. Our motor is balanced for an efficient magnetic circuit; one that optimises the flux density and reduces flux saturation and eddy current losses.

- New motor can venting design
The V2 motor housing has taken a different approach to motor cooling over its predecessor. The bottom end bell has a new venting design which has improved core cooling characteristics. 
Improvement of 5-8 C, overall.

- New easy solder tabs

- For all 1/12 and 1/10th scale vehicles
The V2 is suitable for all 1/12th and 1/10th scale classes. Different size rotors are available for additional tuning to torque or RPM liking.

- Available Turns: 13.5, 17.5, 21.5 (Mod winds will be available soon).
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