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Radon V2 Speedo Setups

Modified Speedo Setup from the Mile High Indoor Champs:

Driver: Max Kuenning
Finishing position: 4th
Class: Touring Modified
Motor: 5.0T

Mode Modified
Deadband 10%
Punch Rate A - 2
Punch Rate B - 2
Switch Point (A to B) 50%
Throttle Curve Linear
Brake Initial 1%
Drag Brake 2%
Brake Force 2%
Brake Rate A - 10
Brake Rate B - 10
Switch Point (A to B) 50%
Brake Curve Linear
Boost 4 Deg
Boost Trigger Level 3
Boost Trigger Rate 2
Turbo Timing 14 Deg
Start RPM 20000
Turbo Delay .1s
Activation Method Full Throttle
Turbo Rate 2
Turbo Off Rate Instant

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