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2014 - Mini Racing Tires

$ 36.99

Years of testing tire carcasses coupled with a no- expense-spared attitude make the Team Powers Series of rubber tires the best on the market. Our tires come out of the mold more evenly than the competition, resulting in a better balanced tire. Each tire is precisely glued and does not come off the rim. The rims are designed with the proper rigidity to prevent failure and prevent warping even in an accident. These rims spin true.

Each tire is temperature-coded. The lower the number the better the tire works in a cooler, looser condition. The higher the number, the better the tire works in hot conditions. The tires are rated in Celsius. For example, the 36R works best at 97 degrees Fahrenheit. And the hotter rated tires retain grip proportionally longer as they go beyond their ratings


Mini Touring Car Rubber Tire Set (4), Mounted 36R Compound

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